Executive Gift Services


Whether you are searching for a few tasteful client gifts or 1200 employee appreciation packages, Southern Season’s Executive Gift Service makes gift-giving a breeze. 

Our specialists work with you all the way from the selection of the perfect gifts to the timely delivery of each carefully chosen present. The friendly in-house staff provides personalized assistance, options for efficient electronic order entry, volume pricing on selected items, customized assortments, corporate freight arrangements, and early-order incentives for holiday purchases.


For gourmet gifts that delectably enhance your business relationships, contact:
Toll Free (866) 253-5317

For special assistance with your order, or if your company is interested in year-round service, please contact: 





Executive Gift Ordering

In order to speed processing of your executive gift orders and reduce potential errors, Southern Season welcomes submission of your gift mailing list via email, flash drive, CD, or other form of compact/portable storage device.

Create your list as a simple spreadsheet using this template. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. For assistance by phone, call us at (866) 253-5317. 

Thank you! 

NOTE: This is the preferred address layout for large multiple shipment orders (save in Excel format. PC or MAC OK.)

Some suggestions:

  • Please enter phone numbers as (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • Use Courier font.
  • Please note the maximum number of characters per column.
  • Set each column to maximum width.

Please reference your name and/or company along with your flash drive, CD, etc and send to:

Executive Gift Services
Southern Season
University Mall
201 S. Estes Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


For assistance by phone, please call us at (866) 253-5317.