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National Iced Tea Day

by Jill Warren Lucas in Coffee & Tea

It’s said that you can tell a Southerner from their cheerful ability to imbibe sweet tea, which often has a sugar level higher than commercial colas. Likewise, you can spot a newbie from across the room by their shocked expression at receiving sweet tea from a server when mere iced tea was requested.
As we approach Saturday’s observance of National Iced Tea Day, it’s interesting to note that the first known appearance… read more

Celebrate National Hot Tea Month With Us

by Caroline Cahan in Coffee & Tea, Coffee & Tea


This month, we’re celebrating National Hot Tea Month, and will have ongoing samplings, information sharing and more at the tea counter in our stores. In case you can’t make it to the store shop our selection of tea online.
We’ll start with some basic information and general tips and expand from there. Each week we’ll concentrate on a different category, beginning with the Herbal or Botanical category,… read more