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Bunny Madness

by Jill Warren Lucas in Candy

Some people say it’s a bad idea to keep bunnies together, if you want to have the same number of bunnies over time. At Southern Season, we say: the more, the merrier.
“Sometimes it does seem like they are multiplying,” jokes Janet Perry of the Chapel Hill store’s candy department. “This time of year, with Easter around the corner, it’s hard to keep track.”
Easter is among the nation’s top candy-selling… read more

Product Spotlight: Escazú Chocolates

by Chris Holaday in Candy, Candy

It was during a trip to Costa Rica in 2004, that chef Hallot Parson made a discovery that changed his life. There, in the town of Escazú, he visited a small chocolate shop and the idea of opening a business that produced fine chocolate, from bean to bar, was born. 
Back in the U.S., Parson founded Escazú (named for the Costa Rican town) in Beaufort, North Carolina. In 2007, he moved to Raleigh and soon he and business and… read more

Fall is a fantastic season for candy!

by Megan Scanlon in Candy, Candy, Candy

Hello everyone and welcome to fall. I know we all thought we’d never make it through the hot summer alive but we did it!! Now it’s time to celebrate with candy, but not just any candy…new candy (oooh aaaahh). There are also some new hot chocolates coming in that are sure to pique your interests as well. Let’s discuss.
The first company on the docket is a great company from Kentucky called Cellar Door Chocolates. Cellar… read more

Chocolate 101

by Chris Holaday in Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy

Since chocolate is one of the world’s most popular products (and we take great pride in our huge selection of sweet treats) we thought we would share a few fun and interesting facts:
The scientific named for the cocoa tree is theobroma cacao.  Theobroma is derived from the Greek words theo (god) and broma (food). So…essentially chocolate is the “food of the gods.”
Cocoa trees are native to the tropical regions… read more

Chocolate Extravaganza

in Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, News & Events

We love chocolate as much as anyone and it has always a big part of our store, but during this week we take it up a level! Come learn more about the world’s most celebrated sweet treat, sample, taste and enjoy special offers in the store and restaurant.
Watch Chris Grass, our Chapel Hill, NC, Pastry Chef, demonstrate just how easy it is to make chocolate truffles. Full recipe here.

Chapel Hill, NC

Everyday… read more

Mother’s Day Candy

by Megan Scanlon - Candy Buyer in Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, News & Events, Candy

Well, hello there! Looks like you survived Valentine’s Day and came back for Mother’s Day. Yay, you! Mother’s Day is swiftly coming up on the horizon and what to do what to do! Kids are really what Mother’s Day is all about in so many different ways, especially when it comes to making them feel included in the choices made for Mom.
In our stores we’re getting so many different kinds of boxed chocolates in for Mom!… read more

Hoppy Easter Candy

by Megan Scanlon - Candy Buyer in Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, News & Events, Candy, Candy

Hoppy Easter Everyone! See what I did there? Although it’s not quite here yet, it is just around the corner, and we want you to be prepared. Sometimes, even the Easter Bunny needs a little help. I mean, that bunny has all kinds of stops to make this time of year!

Easter is not just for the tiny tots in your life but it’s also for the grown-ups you love oh so much. Chocolat Moderne was founded in 2003 in New York City by chocolatier… read more

Easter candy? No problem!

by Doreen Vigilante in Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, News & Events, Candy, Candy, Candy

I have always been a “Life is short, eat dessert first” kind of gal. For as long as I can remember, I would jump right to the dessert menu when eating out. At family gatherings, I would salivate over the plentiful and elaborate dessert offerings. Sure, I LOVE food, but it’s the sweet things in life I crave.
            I guess my “foodie” start came early in life. As a kid growing up in New Jersey, we would… read more

Get ready for Valentine’s with candy, of course

by Megan Scanlon in Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, News & Events, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy

Welcome back! We missed you…where did you go? Oh! Did you have some sort of fabulous vacation over the holidays…because I must have lost my invite, hmm. Anyways, another year has passed and another holiday will soon be upon us. Up next: Valentine’s Day! Now Valentine’s Day evokes all sorts of feelings–good, bad, glorious and ugly–but it also involves the thing that makes it all better CHOCOLATE!
First let’s… read more

Candy – A Thanksgiving Essential!

by Megan Scanlon in Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, News & Events, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy

Hello fellow sugarholics, my name is Megan (hello Megan)! I know you all have bowls of Halloween candy floating around and have been endlessly eating from them. Now’s not the time for judging, I swear, BUT don’t think you can forget about Thanksgiving. When making a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner instead of hearing birds chirping, seeing deer peacefully grazing outside and having daydreams of Martha Stewart proclaiming… read more